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We ain’t braggin’, but…

  • Colorado small batch distiller Mile High Spirits is one step ahead of the game with the release of a Moscow Mule canned cocktail called Punching Mule
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    — The Drinks Business
  • As every bartender in the U.S. knows, the Moscow Mule is hot!
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    — BarBiz Magazine
  • Denver’s Mile High Spirits has unveiled Punching Mule, a ready-to-drink Moscow Mule cocktail.
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  • Mixed Drinks for the Masses. Humble canned cocktails for a happier happy hour.
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    — Bloomberg Business
  • PUNCHING MULE is the first truly innovative craft cocktail in a can that appeals to everyone, no matter who you are or where you live. It tastes great!!!
    — Lacey Sadoff, Co-owner of Badger Liquor
  • The Flavor of Punching Mule is spot on, and the can format fits perfectly with today's lifestyle.
    — Ryan Geller, Managing Partner of Basecamp Wine and Spirits
  • Punching Mule has hit their taste profile square on, keeping a subtle balance between the ginger and sweetness and maxing the drinkability.
    — Dave Aiello, 25-year Distributor veteran